Shares in Issue

Shares in Issue & Significant Shareholders

Date: 30 August, 2019

Number of Shares in Issue:  64,914,389 Ordinary Shares of .0001 Euro each.

Directors' shareholdings - direct and indirect

Director Number of issued Ordinary SharesPercentage of Ordinary Share Capital
Brian McDonnell3,927,9406.1%
Peter Whelan564,118 0.9%
Karim Akrawi100,0000.16%
Brian McBeth00

Significant Shareholders (other than directors)

As at 27 February 2015, the following persons and companies had an interest of 3% or more in the issued share capital
Shareholder% of Issued Shares
JIM Nominees Limited19.38
Davycrest Nominees Limited 11.59
Aurum Nominees Limited 4.03
Redmayne (Nominees) Ltd3.61
Lawshare Nominees3.44