Technical team

Technical Team
All the Company’s exploration activities, including surveying, geophysical and reservoir modeling, field development planning and well targeting are planned, managed and reviewed by a  technical team led by US Oil Exploration Director Karim Akrawi.  Further expertise is provided by additional consultants.

The US Oil & Gas Core Technical Team is as follows:

Soran Talabani, Petroleum engineer/drilling manager:
Soran has over 30 years of international experience in various aspects of the oil industry: Well Logging, Drilling, Drilling Fluids, Cementing, and Reservoir and Environmental Engineering. Soran earned his MSc and PhD degrees in Petroleum Engineering from New Mexico Institute of Technology.  Dr. Talabani is a specialist in Real Time Operation Center (RTOC), and Drilling and Formation Evaluation.  He has published and presented over 40 research papers and reports.

David Richers, Geologist /Geochemist:
David has worked for over 30 years in the oil industry, including scientific roles in Marathon International Oil Company, Westinghouse Savannah River Company, and as an Independent Consulting Geologist with EnCana Oil and Gas.  He specializes in remote sensing and geochemical prospecting, correlation studies and numerical basin modelling and has worked extensively in Nevada.   His BS in geology is from Penn State, his MS in Geochemistry and his PhD in geology and geochemistry is from Univ. of Kentucky.

Henrik Toft Andersen, Resource Geophysicist/Geologist
Henrik has more than forty years professional experience in the collection, processing and interpretation of ground and airborne geophysical data for a wide range of applications, including: oil and gas exploration; mineral exploration; ground water exploration; and environmental studies.  He has been a researcher and teacher at the Colorado School of Mines and has been President and Chief Geophysicist of Aero Surveys Inc, responsible for supervising all geophysical activities including data processing and interpretation and reporting on exploration projects across South America.  Henrik has an M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Geophysics from Colorado School of Mines.  He has authored/co-authored more than 20 technical papers.

Serdar Kaya, Reservoir Characterizations:
Serdar has extensive experience in reservoir characterization, geological modeling and various high tech oil and gas field exploration and production applications. He has published several journal and conference papers about innovative modeling approaches for challenging issues.  He has successfully trained, mentored and coached many geologist and engineers in reservoir modeling.  Serdar holds MSc and BSc degrees in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Tulsa and the Middle East Technical University.


Baker Hughes Inc.
Baker Hughes is one of the largest oilfield services companies in the world.

Forrest A. Garb & Associates Inc (FGA):
FGA is a consulting firm comprised of professional petroleum engineers, geologists, and technical support personnel with diversified backgrounds in all phases of the petroleum, energy, and minerals industries. The group prides itself in offering the highest level of ethics, state of the art technology, and prompt dedicated service to its clients.

Saad Saleh, Sr. Drilling Engineer:
Senior Drilling Engineer with 26 years of professional experience focused on drilling operations (land, HPHT, deep water), drilling training and mentoring, as well as major high profile oil and gas fields technology projects.  Recent projects include real time pore pressure and wellbore stability prediction on the world’s most challenging ultra deep water prospects from the Black Sea to the Gulf of Mexico, developing real time drilling intelligence tools, subsalt deepwater drilling practices, wellbore stability studies/best practices, and mentoring/training drilling engineers with major operators. In addition, Dr. Saleh has expertise in many aspects of Petroleum Engineering including well productivity enhancement, completion and recompletion economics and diagnostics, as well as reservoir analysis.  Saad has a PhD in Petroleum Engineering, Colorado School of Mines (USA), 1988.

Ahmad Abdul Ghani, Geologist:
Ahmad is a Senior Reservoir Geologist with over 38 years of experience in the Middle East region.  He was Senior Sedimentologist with ELF (currently TOTAL), Head of Dept of Geology, South Oil Company – Iraq, and Senior Staff Geologist, ADCO, UAE. He has authored and coauthored many papers (AAPG, SPE). Participated in most of the exploration, appraisal and development studies on giant fields (Majnoon, Halfaya, Nahr Umr, Zubair & Rumaila, Bab, Bu Hasa) in the Middle East.

James M. Fausnaugh, Geologist / Geochemical Explorationist:
James has worked for 35 years in oil and gas exploration with companies such as Skyline Labs, Petro Labs, Petro-Mineral Exploration, and GRDC.  He currently owns and operates US Geochemical.  He specializes in near surface geochemical exploration for oil and gas with emphasis on analytical method development and application as well as data interpretation.  James holds a BS in Geology from Fort Lewis College.

Richard Gibson  – Geophysist:
Richard I. Gibson specialises in geological interpretation of gravity and magnetic data for hydrocarbon exploration. Gibson was educated as a geologist at Indiana University (USA), and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology and has three additional years of post-Baccalaureate university education. His 34 years of professional oil exploration experience began in 1975 and includes two years with Aero Service (aeromagnetic contractor), eight years with Gulf Oil Corporation (gravity and magnetic interpretation), and five years with a consulting company (Everest Geotech). Since 1989 Gibson has offered interpretation services as a consultant on a fee basis for projects around the world, including clients such as Marathon Oil, Shell Oil, Conoco, BHP, Unocal, and others. Gibson has been a member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists since 1978, a member of the Geological Society of America (1979-2008), and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (1981-2001). He was co-editor of the AAPG-SEG monograph, Gravity & Magnetics Exploration Case Histories (1998).

Izhr Ul Haq, Physicist:
Izhr has fifteen years experience in managing simulation and modeling teams.  He has lectured at the New York Institute of Technology, Al Gurair University and Al-Ain College.  He established Computational Modeling Laboratory as a research and development organization in Abu Dhabi.