Railroad Valley

Chainman Shale and Railroad Valley oilfields 

Hot Creek Valley is only 35 miles from Railroad Valley, site of the most prolific oilfields in Nevada.

Recent geochemical analysis of oil samples from the Eblana-1 and Eblana-3 wells showed that the source of the hydrocarbons in both valleys is the Mississippian Chainman Shale.  This shale can contain as much as 8% organic content, while many other source-rocks are much less productive at 1-2%.

For a time Railroad Valley’s Grant Canyon #3  was the most productive onshore well in the United States, flowing at 4,300 barrels of oil per day.

Railroad Valley production to 2015

FieldBarrels of oil produced
Grant Canyon21.5
Trap Spring15.1
Eagle Springs5.7
Kate Spring2.6
Bacon Flat1.0