01 July, 2009 – US Oil and Gas plc – Shhh – Irish company listens for oil

Some areas of the US long suspected of harbouring vast deposits of oil have remained virtually unexplored, because traditional methods of seismology can’t cope with the geology. Now Irish explorer USOIL & Gas is using an advanced technology to ‘listen’ for oil.

Using a technique called Infrasonic Passive Differential Spectroscopy (IPDS), the explorers are using ultra-sensitive surface instruments to listen in on the constant low-level noise, a kind of hum, that’s always present underground. Because oil deposits have their own characteristic effect on the sound, powerful computer software using advanced mathematics can ‘hear through’ the overlying layers of rock to find oil reservoirs deep underneath. Compared to traditional methods, IPDS is relatively cheap and produces results in a fraction of the time – a big plus in exploration, where time is money.

The Irish team are quietly confident that they have an excellent chance of success. Managing Director, Brian McDonnell says, ‘Exploration within only a few miles of our claim in Nevada have already demonstrated huge reserves. The only reason our area is overlooked is because the possible oil-bearing rocks lie underneath a cap of hard rock that the usual methods of detection can’t penetrate. That’s where the IPDS technology comes in; if an oil reservoir is there, we’ll be able to hear its unique sound signature and map it out.’

With the United States determined to reduce dependence on foreign oil and the oil pipeline infrastructure already in the region, US OIL & GAS believes that the rewards of success could be enormous. And, Brian McDonnell admits, there would be a special, extra satisfaction – an Irish exploration company finding oil right beneath the noses, and ears, of the American oilmen.

US OIL & GAS is closing its first round of funding and plans to list on the Plus Markets exchange in the coming weeks.

The Directors accept responsibility for the above announcement.


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